Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Give You My Heart

I give you my heart
A fragile gift much broken
Placed into your hand

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Pursuit of a Sweet Scented Goddess

Your sweet scent brings exquisite insanity,
makes my soul your slave and my body your toy
Every day and night through all eternity,
An incomparable madness that brings joy.
Intoxicating beyond all reason,
Your scent makes Spring of every season.

Never My Bride

Lucky the man who someday claims your heart
And with you spends his each and every day
If time and chance be changed by some lost art
I would that I could have lived life that way
Yet your happiness as much mine as yours
For happy I am for you in all things
That bring you joy, for deeply in me stored
Is the wish joy be all life to you brings

Facing Each Other

Facing each other
We kiss, touch, caress
Our mutual language
I seek out your tender places
With my lips
You embrace me
With your legs
Brush your love against me

Brush of an Angel's Kiss

Memories of last night
Like a rose upon my pillow
Sweet and beautiful
I feel them like petals
Soft on my skin
Brush of an angel's kiss
Like a breeze across my lips
My mind sees your face
Every moment through the day
I wait impatiently for the night
When again I'll feel your caress
Like an angel's kiss

Monday, August 24, 2009

In The Night

Beside me
Your shape silhouetted in the darkness
Beneath the comforter
Treasure begging to be uncovered
Joy waiting to be rediscovered
Forgive me if I wake you


It's so apropos
In this world of me and you
That "thighs" rhymes with "sighs"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love Feast

You are a shocking delight, a gorgeous
feast of warm sensuality. Your scent
intoxicates my soul and engorges
my body with fire, with yearning intent
to possess you at all costs, to be slain
in the relentless pursuit of you, blind
to all common things in this world, lain
as human sacrifice at your feet. Find
an offering worthy of you, sweet one,
in me, your humble love slave. Consume me
for the nourishment of your joy; when done,
forever my love alone you will be.
Let us feast then each upon the other.
Let us each other’s flavors discover.

Inside Me

I keep your warmth inside me
Where you left it
All through the day I hold it
Hug it with my heart
My legs ache for you
To hold you again
When you renew
Your warmth inside me


I begin

I turn toward you

I visualize heaven

I realize it includes you

No rest will I have until
Of you I have drunk my fill
And it seems I never will

For there will never be
Enough of you for me