Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send Momma To The Slam

The Eye On Life Poetry Travel Fund
We intend to use the Eye On Life Poetry Travel Fund to help bring poets from different backgrounds together. In 2010, the mission of the Fund is to expose emerging written word poets to spoken word poetry at a major spoken word event. To accomplish this mission we intend to send, with your support, four women to the Women Of The World Poetry Slam in Columbus, Ohio, March 10th through 13th, 2010. The four women have been chosen. We are raising funds now to make the trip a reality.

By definition, a slam is an event in which poets compete and in which their work is judged by members of the audience. Click the link below for an excellent example, 2 Minutes, performed by Slam Charlotte:

Watch “2 Minutes”
2 Minutes is truly performance poetry, at the opposite end of the spectrum from poetry that is meant to be read in silence from the page. Both written word and spoken word poets will benefit from exposure to the other.

Choosing the Poets

In my role as Poetry Editor for Eye on Life Online Magazine I have had the pleasure of reading and publishing poetry. Some of the talented poets I have corresponded with have fallen into a particular demographic – female, poets who do not currently read their work in public, between 25 and 45 years old, with small children to care for. We have chosen four of these women to send to the Women Of The World Poetry Slam in March.

If you would like to help us “Send Momma To The Slam”, please go to and click the "Donate" button on the left side of the page, or send a check to:

Eye On Life Poetry Travel Fund
c/o Tom Rubenoff
PO Box 35457
Brighton, MA 02135

Make checks payable to EOL Poetry Travel c/o Tom Rubenoff

Thank you.
Tom Rubenoff
Senior Poetry Editor
Eye on Life Magazine

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tom Rubenoff at the Cantab Lounge

Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I read my poetry in front of a supportive audience.

Read all about it:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Today at Eye on Life

You can catch me at Poetic Escape Open Mic Night at the Blue Wave in Boston, 343 Congress Street, Wed., Dec. 9th at 8:30pm.

New poem today by H.E. Mantel!

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Featured Poet on Eye on Life Magazine Dec. 5th, 2009

Check out the featured poet, H. E. Mantel

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Poem Up at Eye on Life

Eye on Life Online Magazine publishes poems weekly. This week, read Melissa Diana, Bleeding Starlight.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Like Chocolate

So rich and sweet like your love
Let me break off a square for you
Put it in your mouth
The corners of your lips turn up
As sweetness saturates you
Let’s kiss now
Taste each other’s chocolate
Each other’s sweetness
Let’s warm
Melt together
Like chocolate

Eye on Life Poetry Contest

At Eye on Life Magazine we are having our first annual Eye on Life Poetry Contest. Entry fee is $5.00 per poem. You can enter up to 5 poems of 400 words or less. Prizes and fun.

Check it out at The Poetry Locksmith feature on Eye on Life Magazine.